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Postnatal Training Programs

Totally Fit Mom offers professional and safe one-on-one fitness programs for women who are expecting a baby or have just had a baby. Totally Fit Mom is exclusive to Winnipeg.

There are a variety of programs to meet your unique needs. Questions? Feel free to contact or 204-479-4023.

Whether you need a program centered around your home gym equipment or you want a program designed with Totally Fit Mom’s own mobile equipment, your trainer can design the right program for you.



After completing a Masters in Kinesiology with a research-based project with postnatal moms, Cindy is pleased to offer a range of services to help meet the special needs of pregnant women and new moms alike.

Committed to staying on top of today’s trends in fitness, especially for pre- and postnatal fitness training, Cindy offers professional fitness services in a fun and comfortable setting, leading you through safe and effective exercises with expertise, confidence and a commitment to keeping you safe, healthy and fit.

New Mama Fitness program

For the new mom that was previously following a fitness program either during pregnancy or before becoming pregnant.

This is a 3-month program which includes an initial 30-minute in-home assessment plus 3 one-hour personal training sessions and follow-up assessments scheduled every month. Clients are offered unlimited email and phone support and will receive a new workout plan each month.


New Mama Back-on-Track plan

This is for previous clients who need a new fitness plan.

1 one-hour personal training session (in-home or other)   


New Mama Accountability program

Babies change everything - sleep, eating, and personal time. How do you include fitness into a lifestyle where there is no time? You need to be creative!

This program is for the previously fit mom as well as the new mom that isn’t sure where to begin. This is our most flexible plan offering new moms a chance to include fitness into their new life.

Individual Session: $70

3 Sessions: $195  ($65/session)

6 Sessions: $372  ($62/session)

10 Sessions: $550  ($55/session)

Motherhood brings many new stresses to your body. Totally Fit Mom’s postnatal programs are designed for women who have had a new baby recently and are looking to include fitness and a healthy lifestyle into their lives. 

Providing safe and effective exercises to help build up your muscles again, each program can be designed to include baby or for personal exercise time!

You will learn how to build strength, stretch out tired muscles, regain energy and celebrate self-care.

New moms should wait 2 to 6 weeks after giving birth and a thumbs-up from a healthcare provider before starting any fitness program. 

Prenatal Training Programs

Mama-to-be Fitness program

Each session will include an assessment of the current program as well as changes and/or modifications to help you move closer to your goals, all in the privacy of your own home. Your trainer will design a program just for you that takes into consideration your unique pregnancy

Individual Session: $70

3 Sessions: $195  ($65/session)

6 Sessions: $372  ($62/session)

10 Sessions: $550  ($55/session)

Totally Fit Mom’s prenatal programs are focused on building strength, maintaining flexibility and providing an overall healthy lifestyle as well as the healthy development of your unborn baby.

Many questions arise once a woman becomes pregnant.  Your trainer will guide you safely through the program providing support and motivation.

All prenatal clients will be asked to have a Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination form for pregnancy (PARmed-X) signed by their healthcare provider before a program can begin.

Click here to download the form.

New Mama BFF program

What could be more fun then working out with a friend! Exercising with a friend has been shown to increase motivation, improve program adherence and create an overall satisfied feeling towards exercise.

This program is a 3-month program. Your trainer will meet with you and your friend for an initial 30-minute consultation where three 1-hour personal training sessions will be scheduled. The first workout is a mirror workout, the second is a partner workout and the last is an alternating interval workout. Weather-dependent, workouts can be done with babies in the stroller and workouts in the park.


As a Manitoba Fitness Council Certified Resistance Trainer (CRT) and certified Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specialist (AFPA), Cindy Miller is dedicated to helping women achieve health and well-being during and after pregnancy.

Prenatal Fitness Fusion class

This 45-minute yoga, tai-chi and pilates-inspired fusion class begins with a warm-up and lower body strength exercises followed by core strength work, flexibility moves for the release of muscle tension and ends with some gentle stretching. Each session runs for 6-weeks.

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Prenatal Fitness Classes